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Permanent Jewelry - Absolute Perfection

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Permanent jewelry is meant to last forever, or until you are ready to take it off.

The jewelry is custom fitted & fused together without a clasp. Good Juju uses 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled and sterling silver. These materials will not tarnish and are perfect for everyday wear. 14k gold filled chains provide an affordable & durable alternative to solid gold.

To care for your jewelry simply wash with a soft toothbrush and dish soap. Avoid excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes & chemicals. Check our Good Juju Beads FAQ for more info!

Permanent jewelry is intentional jewelry with meaning and purpose. It's more than just an accessory, It's a reflection of the wearer's personality and a source of positive energy. If you're looking for a dainty piece for a special occasion or a daily accessory that brings you joy and positivity, I can create a custom piece that is perfect for you.

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