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In Store Gift Cards

for in store purchases & permanent jewelry appointments

Treat your loved ones to the unforgettable experience of permanent jewelry appointment. Unleash their imagination and let them design timeless treasures, creating cherished memories that will shine forever!  This eGift Card can be used to book a permanent jewelry appointment and can be used towards permanent jewelry purchases or other items in our store.

Good Juju Beads is located at:
4800 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95819


eGift Cards

You can't go wrong with a Good Juju Beads online shop gift card!  This eGift Card can be applied to any jewelry collection in our online shop and never expires. Each necklace, bracelet or earring set is handcrafted and sure to become a cherished addition to your loved one's jewelry collection. So why wait? Purchase a eGift Card today!

Online eGift Card


For online jewelry purchases only....
For online jewelry purchases only.

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