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  • What is Permanent Jewelry?
    Permanent jewelry is a necklace, anklet, or (more commonly) a bracelet that doesn’t have a typical clasp for easy removal. Instead, the ends are welded or “zapped” together — with the intention of never taking it off. Similar to tattoos, the bracelets can have a personal meaning behind them — friends or family members often get a matching set. Consider this a major upgrade from the yarn-and-bead friendship bracelets you used to make.
  • Is Permanent Jewelry safe?
    Permanent jewelry is quick and painless to get - typically taking only 1-3 minutes without any tools touching your skin. However, it's important to be mindful of potential hazards like swelling from heat, injuries, or pregnancy which could cause the jewelry to become too tight. Additionally, those with a nickel allergy (which affects an estimated 18% of North America) should be cautious as gold may contain traces of nickel. Symptoms of a reaction may include red, itchy skin, blisters, or dry patches. It's recommended to opt for higher karat gold, such as 18 or 24 karat, to minimize the risk of a reaction.
  • Can Permanent Jewelry be removed?
    While permanent jewelry may seem, well, permanent, it doesn't mean you have to keep it on forever. If you need to remove it, whether due to a reaction, frequent travel, or medical reasons such as an MRI, a simple snip with a pair of scissors will do the trick. You can even keep the chain and have it re-welded at a later time.
  • What are you shipping and return policies?
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